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Simple Business Accounting Simple Business Accounting

Interface: Simple Business Accounting has a nice dark blue interface that’s laced with large icons. These icons contain small descriptions, and drop-down menus make finding what you need easy. Any way you slice it, Simple Business Accounting has one of the best interfaces out there. Usability: Unlike other accounting programs, Simple Business Accounting relies upon a one-entry accounting method. This method includes simplified entries that anyone can complete. In short, you don’t have to have an accounting degree to use this program, but you will get professional level results – how ‘s that for innovative? Main Function: If you’re tired of accounting software that’s more confusing to use than any other software you own, Simple Business Accounting is for you. Really, the name of this program says it all. You can enter billing and invoicing details, account for all of your projects and bills, and even calculate expenses just by entering basic information into the program. You don’t need to have any advanced math skills and you won’t need to use a calculator when working with this program. Extra Features: If you use OWL’s Simple Business Invoicing and Inventory program (worth checking into!), you’ll love this feature: Simple Business Accounting imports any details you’ve added to SBII without entering this information twice. With just the tap of your mouse, any figures that you’ve already included in SBII will be automatically sent to your Simple Business Accounting program – now, that’s simple! Value: You may think that a program like Simple Business Accounting is bound to be expensive, and if it were any other program you’d be right. However, this awesome accounting software retails for only $57 – a price that you’ll have a hard time beating!

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

Interface: When it comes to accounting and invoicing software, a great interface is more than half of the battle. Accounts Receivable has one of the nicest invoicing interfaces that this reviewer has seen. This makes Accounts Receivable one of the top software options in the invoicing category. Large icons and helpful comments will ensure that you glide your way through this program with ease. Usability: Using Accounts Receivable is really just a matter of understanding how the interface works. Once that task has been accomplished, this program will prove its worth. Setting up invoices and tracking accounts received is a matter of personal preference and customization – two very important aspects of any program. Main Function: Accounts Receivable will help you keep track of your accounts and invoices. In addition, you can calculate tax information, log transactions, and keep track of late fees. Really, if there’s some aspect of bookkeeping that you need in order to keep your company running, Accounts Receivable is the tool to choose. Extra Features: The great thing about this program is that its intelligent. If you need to calculate any aspect of your business, automated calculations will work in your favor. The ledger that comes with this program is also a nice touch, since keeping track of expenses is vital to any business. In addition to these features, Accounts Receivable is also packed with many available options. Select and choose the options that work for your business. Value: Accounts Receivable retails for around $50+. For this amount, you will get a complete invoicing and bookkeeping software suite that’s easy to use and highly customizable – a great deal in this reviewer’s opinion!

Invoice Manager Invoice Manager

Interface: The last thing you want to face when looking at invoicing software is a complex interface. Thankfully, Invoice Manager knows how to create an interface that’s easy and use-friendly. Large icons and simple buttons are easy to view and explained very well. There’s little to no learning curve when using this program. Usability: Due to a surprising and excellent interface, using Invoice Manager isn’t difficult. After going through the basic tutorial and setup, users will be able to jump right into sending invoices and keeping track of inventory. Main Function: Invoice manager includes a barcode scanner, which is a really nice software addition. You can also easily send invoices and keep track of payments sent and received. As a basic invoicing tool that’s very easy to use, Invoice Manager will get the job done right and quickly. It is also possible to accept payments, track clients, and send invoice emails using this program. Extra Features: As mentioned, one of the best features of Invoice Manager is the barcode tool. When scanning inventory, this software is responsive and users of all levels will immediate grasp how Invoice Manager works. While a basic invoicing tool, Invoice Manager is really all you need to send out basic invoices and keep track of products. Value: $99 may seem like a lot to pay for an invoicing tool, but having an invoice tool that makes sending out those end of month invoices easier is priceless. Invoicing Manager, in this reviewer’s opinion, is worth every penny.

Invoice Organizer Deluxe Invoice Organizer Deluxe

Interface: Invoice Organizer Deluxe’s interface is, surprisingly, quite nice. The icons included in this program could be bigger and more self-explanatory, but there is a nicely written Help file that makes things easier. When setting up accounts and invoices, a handy Wizard makes completing tasks a cinch. Usability: At first glance, Invoice Organizer Deluxe’s interface is somewhat confusing. After taking some time to look at the Help file, you will be able to better understand how to use this program. As mentioned, the Wizard section of Invoice Organizer Deluxe makes entering information and creating service details easy. Main Function: Invoice Organizer Deluxe comes with a stark interface that isn’t inspiring. If you can get past this bad design choice, you’ll find a program that handles invoicing and all kinds of other file input nicely. If you are looking for a program that comes with a pretty interface and all kinds of design features, this is certainly not the software for you. Extra Features: The one nice feature included in Invoice Organizer Deluxe is the password feature. You can create and use passwords to access certain files, and this feature might be useful for people seeking to keep files private. Aside from this feature, Invoice Organizer Deluxe doesn’t have many other features that other programs of this type have – including the option to insert your company logo in an invoice or print invoices. Value: As with most invoicing software in its class, Invoice Organizer Deluxe comes with a 30-day trial that you should take advantage of. After that trial period has expired, you can purchase this program for $75 directly.

Invoice Organizer Pro Invoice Organizer Pro

Interface: Invoice Organizer Pro misses the mark on the interface front. While this program could be simple to use, Invoice Organizer Pro is actually a lot more difficult to use than it should be. Users will be greeted with a quick overview tutorial, but that’s the only explanation offered by this program. Usability: A direct result of a poor interface, using this program is a bit on the tough side. If you play around with Invoice Organizer Pro enough, you can figure out how this program works, but is that really necessary? Other programs in its class come with simple interfaces that make sending out invoices easy. Main Function: If you’re looking for an invoicing program that contains pre-made templates, this might be one program to try. While Invoice Organizer Pro isn’t the best, or the only invoicing program on the market, it does get the invoice job done. You can customize templates and make sure things look how you want them to look with relative ease (once you get the hang of the interface, that is). IF you do need help, this program does contain a Help file that’s not too difficult to navigate. Extra Features: For a program with the designation “pro,” you might expect more features from Invoice Organizer Pro. This software isn’t seamless by any stretch of the imagination, and it doesn’t come packed with extra features – excluding a template designer. Value: Here’s the part about Invoice Organizer Pro that’s really hard to swallow – this program retails for around $245 to purchase. However, you can try this software for free for 30-days (highly recommended!).


It's rare that one program earns the highest marks across the board during the review process. However, Simple Business Accounting managed to do just that.

With a solid interface, an ideal price, plenty of features, and user-friendliness all around, Simple Business Accounting is the number one tool to look for in the Accounting and Finance program category.

Accounts Receivable came in a close second, while Invoice Organizer Deluxe and Invoice Manager tied for third place. The one program in this category that disappointed with Invoice Organizer Pro - simply too complex for the price.

As the name of the program states, Simple Business Accounting makes business accounting simple.
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